NO COUNTRY FOR BIKERS-Bikers have become the whipping boy for many in the media


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NO COUNTRY FOR BIKERS Bikers have become the whipping boy for many in the media. Covid-19 and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have highlighted the way elites look at bikers. Never mind that bikers raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities throughout their communities. Never mind that a great many of bikers have served in the military with honor. All this doesn't mean anything to the people who have out right disdain for bikers. To those who look down on bikers, nothing can change their minds. Most of the general public puts all bikers into one category and this is something that isn't true at all. Bikers span all types of groups including CEO's, Doctors, Lawyers, Representatives and the hard working man and women. Has the wokeness cancelled out bikers? The media seems to be trying to do that. Every single motorcycle rally this year negative news about bikers was rampant.

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