The Hells Angels Made me do it


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The Hells Angels Made Me Do It.
It never suprises me anymore at what people do within the biker scene. Has anyone ever heard of a 1% Christian Motorcycle Club? Yeah, me either. Well looks like I've seen just about everything now! There is actually some Chrisitan Club claiming to be a 1% Club.
#BIKERNEWS- This guy in the first article is what makes it tough on all of us. No one should be supporting him. THE HELLS ANGELS TOLD ME TO DO IT!!! Wacky Story out of Canada. Combat Veterans Association is a group of bikers you need to hear about.
The Internet is a useful tool when it is used right, again, if used right. It can be used to find others in your area to ride with. It's also a good tool to form Riding Clubs and Associations. When used wrong and for the wrong reasons it becomes not so good.

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