The Wild Ones with Donna VanBuecken


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Today we have Donna VanBuecken former executive director of the Wild Ones on the show. We discuss native landscaping, the Wild Ones organization, and bats as pollinators. I linked an article with some more information on exactly how bats pollinate. Also, we discussed the dangers of Wild Parsnip and that it looked like a native plant, the name of which eluded us. I have linked to a comparison of Wild Parsnip, Queen Anne’s Lace, and a couple other look-alikes. They are all mostly poisonous. You can purchase a limited variety of native plants on Saturday, May 20th, 2017, at the WILD Center, 2285 Butte des Morts Beach Rd, Neenah, Wisconsin. Wild Ones – Fox Valley Chapter Bats as pollinators: Wild Parsnip, etc.: Smithsonian video: Love tequila, love pollinating bats! BRASH Landscaping: For more podcasts go to:

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