#456: A Giant Waste Of Time (OOTP 20, Hagrid's Tale)


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  • Muggle Mail covers angry librarians and Harry-Draco shippers
  • We're at the midway point of Order of the Phoenix! How has this recent read changed our feelings about the book? What are our biggest takeaways?
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 20: Hagrid's Tale
  • 7-Word Summary: Hagrid returns and fails to reveal lies
  • The Trio take a massive risk in going to see Hagrid given recent punishments!
  • Can Harry, Ron and Hermione really fit under the Invisibility Cloak?
  • Why doesn't the snow wipe away their footprints?
  • What is Hagrid's true level of trust in Harry, Ron and Hermione?
  • What do we know about Vampires in the Wizarding World?
  • We discuss real world parallels to the Giants being an ostracized community
  • What’s the value of aligning with the Giants?
  • Is Hagrid the best envoy? The best negotiator?
  • Could the Ministry be inadvertently tipping off the Death Eaters?
  • Does Hagrid blow his load on the first gift to the Gurg?
  • Name Origins: Karkus, Golgomath and Grawp
  • What could the Death Eaters have told Golgomath to convince them to join their side?
  • Who is that at the door? It's Dolores!
  • Why didn't Umbridge use Homenum Revelio to find Harry, Ron and Hermione? Why does she give up so easily?
  • The Top 7 Reasons Hagrid Was Really Missing In Action
  • The Umbridge Suck Count climbs to 43!
  • Connecting The Threads include Macnair, Buckbeak and Hermione
  • The hosts give their MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter!
  • Quizzitch: Whose death allows Neville to see thestrals?
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