#464: Dumbledore Gone Wild (OOTP 27, The Centaur and The Sneak)


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  • JKR commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts (and responds to MuggleCast on Twitter!)
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  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 27: The Centaur and The Sneak
  • 7-Word Summary: Hogwarts changes direction due to Dumbledore’s departure
  • WHOA, HORSEY! What's up with Hermione's attitude toward Firenze?
  • Divination with Firenze - the magical class setting we've been waiting for!
  • We analyze Firenze's teaching style and his perspective on humans teaching divination
  • Why does Dobby still punish himself?
  • Inside Dumbledore's Office
  • Fudge's attitude toward Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban vs. Order of the Phoenix
  • Marietta's face! Did Hermione go too far?
  • Debate: Modifying Marietta's Memory
  • Why doesn't Fudge or Umbridge recognize what's been done to Marietta?
  • Is Dumbledore's story truly believable?
  • Does Fudge ever really regret his decision?
  • The Great Escape... with style!
  • The Umbridge Suck Count climbs to 69!
  • The hosts give their MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter!
  • Quizzitch: What are the three spells James casts on Severus besides Levicorpus?
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