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I feel like this weeks podcast is the podcast you have all been waiting for! Even if we have perfectly sleeping children (I can only dream) with the clocks going back this week I bet not so many of us enjoyed our 'extra hour in bed'!

Today I am joined by Hattie Frank, certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, founder of Not Another Peep. Hattie kindly reached out when Amandine wasn’t sleeping well and after speaking with her and gaining so much insight, getting her on the podcast was an absolute must and luckily for us all Hattie agreed!

Hattie starts by outlining the perfect sleep setting for your little one and things to check if they are waking. We then move into your questions, split into under the age of 1 and over the age of 1 to help with clarity.

We so hope this podcast helps many of you, I can honestly say that even making the smallest of changes with Amandine we have noticed a huge difference! Amandine has gone from recently waking and needing to be settled up to 5 times a night to waking once and self settling....and as you can believe I am over the moon!

You can reach Hattie at or on instagram at notanotherpeep.

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