Weaning with Charlotte Stirling-Reed, the Baby and Child Nutritionist


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I am delighted to share with you my chat with Charlotte Stirling-Reed, known in our house as the queen of weaning!

Charlotte is The Baby and Child Nutritionist giving parents confidence in feeding their children. From weaning, fussy eating and beyond, Charlotte works with brands, celebrities and parents to share positive, evidence-based advice on giving children a healthy start in life.

If you follow the fantastic Joe Wicks you’ll also know that Charlotte has helped to write 'Wean in 15', Joes new book which is now out!

During this podcast we have covered a lot, answered all your questions but of course there will be more questions and you will most likely be able to find the answer on her blog and on her instagram. Today we talk about how to start weaning, allergies, digestion, dairy, milk and alternatives, liquid intake, eggs, fish, eating as a family, language at mealtimes, salt, chocolate and more.

Do check out Charlottes blog and instagram, which guided me through weaning, there is so much fantastic information there!

Website - https://www.srnutrition.co.uk

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sr_nutrition/

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