Mark Rippetoe on How and Why (and How!) Women Should Train Differently than Men


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The argument over whether or not men and women should train differently is an old one.

Years ago, “experts” said women should train with light weights and high reps to “tone” and “sculpt” their bodies, whereas men should train with heavy weights and low reps to pack on muscle.

In the past few years, the pendulum has swung in the other direction, with many people claiming women and men should follow the exact same training programs.

And others say that while men and women should follow most of the same training principles, they should still follow slightly different programs for optimal results.

Who’s right?

Well, I tend to fall into the latter camp (the principles of training remain the same, but how they’re applied differs for men and women), but I also wanted to pick the brain of author, coach, and podcaster, Mark Rippetoe.

In this episode, Mark edumacates us on ...

- How and why women differ from men in terms of strength performance
- What neuromuscular efficiency is and why it matters when designing a strength training program
- What vertical jumping skill tells us about motor units, power, and raw strength
- Why women should train with triples
- And more ...

Press play and let’s dive in!

12:54 - What’s the significance in the difference of a vertical jump?

32:26 - Why do singles for women translate into better performance?

44:20 - How would you take menstrual cycles into account?


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