The Complete Guide to L-Citrulline Supplementation


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Look at most popular pre-workout supplements and you’ll find they have several ingredients common.

L-citrulline is one of them.

Its name comes from citrullus, the Latin word for watermelon, which is a natural source of it. Other food sources include peanuts, soybeans, and kidney beans.

Most supplements aren’t all that special and can’t live up to the hype, but, as you’ll see, L-citrulline is one of the proven winners.

And in this podcast, we’re going to answer all your questions:

- What is L-citrulline?
- What are its benefits and side effects?
- How much do you have to take to see results?
- What’s the best way to supplement with it?
- And more…

Let’s start at the top.

9:57 - How did citrulline get its name?
10:27 - What is l-citrulline?
11:40 - Why do people supplement with l-citrulline?
14:09 - What are the benefits of supplementing with l-citrulline?
19:24 - How much l-citrulline do I need to take to get the benefits?
23:24 - How do I get l-citrulline?


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