Jordan Harbinger on Building Good Relationships and Avoiding Toxic Ones


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Humans are social creatures.

We like having our “tribe”—people we can rely on when times get rough or who we can celebrate with when times are good.

That said, most of us have experienced negative Nancys who just bring us down. Maybe they’re always complaining, or they’re a business partner not pulling their own weight, or they only share bad news, these people make your life worse when you interact with them.

A simple step to make your life better, then, is not only eliminating these people from your life, but avoiding them in the first place.

And that’s exactly what I chat with Jordan Harbinger about on this episode of the podcast.

In it, we discuss how to foster good relationships, how to avoid “radioactive” people, how to develop a sense of self worth, and “one simple trick” to cultivate a network in just a few minutes a day.

In case you’re not familiar with Jordan, he’s been coaching people on relationships and social skills for over 10 years and is the host of the award-winning Jordan Harbinger Show, one of Apple’s most downloaded podcasts.

Let’s dive in!

11:33 - How can you overcome the scary feeling of making a big change in your life?

14:43 - How do you analyze a situation and see how that decision will affect your life?

21:21 - Do you think it’s common for a person to stay with someone so they can blame their failures on them?

23:14 - Does this also apply to romantic relationships?

28:41 - How do you develop a sense of self worth?

54:06 - How do you deal with people who bring you down?

01:00:22 - How do you cultivate a healthy network?

01:06:13 - How do you network under 6 minutes?

01:09:01 - What can you bring into this person’s life that can benefit both people?

01:23:42 - Where can people find you and your work?


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