Talking Training, Nutrition, and Hard Work with Bodybuilding Legend Milos Sarcev


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Placing high up in one or two bodybuilding contests is one thing, but competing in 77 shows over 12 years is just insanely impressive! It was an absolute privilege to have a man who achieved this amazing feat and a whole lot more on the show today. His name is Milos Sarcev, and possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques to ever walk the earth. Milos is one of Ben’s biggest mentors and certainly one of the hardest working athletes our host has ever worked with.

Today, Milos talks about his radical devotion to building muscle, which involved obsessive journaling and massive intakes of protein offset by equally extreme workouts. Milos was able to maintain perfect condition in each one of his 77 competitions, and today he shares some of what it took to achieve that, including his unique approach to hyperemia. We also hear from Milos about how he took Hidetada Yamagishi to Mr. Olympia in spite of wide skepticism through the use of his brutal training schedules. If you couldn't keep up with Milos back then, he would simply kick you out of the gym. We also talk about our upcoming muscle camps which will combine Milos’s giant sets with Ben’s form focussed styles, a combination that will no doubt lead to mind-blowing shifts in the way you think about working out.

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  • An introduction to Milos and his obsessive approach to building muscle. [00:17]
  • Details on the camps Ben and Milos will run in Bali, Australia, and Dubai. [02:02]
  • Milos’s idols and why he thinks anybody would want a great physique. [8:36]
  • A background to Milos’s attention to detail involving diet, workouts, and competitions. [11:37]
  • Specific dietary practices such as eating over 450 grams of protein daily. [16:24]
  • Protein intake quantity regulations relative to genetics. [19:03]
  • How Milos’s radical workouts allowed for his huge protein intake. [22:16]
  • The story of Milos training Hidetada Yamagishi, who went on to be a huge success. [22:58]
  • How Milos achieved all his bodybuilding goals through his five-year plan. [25:02]
  • Milos’s hyperemia advantage theory involving amino acid intake and blood circulation. [29:08]
  • How Milos was so devoted to working out that he would kick people out of gyms. [34:32]
  • Carb intakes in Milos’s hyperemia workouts during and post-workout. [37:38]
  • The intense training principles that Milos will apply in the upcoming muscle camps. [42:29]
  • How the camps will be structured combining Ben and Milos’s approaches. [47:13]
  • Ben’s aim to focus on heart rate, sleep, and the autonomic nervous system. [51:22]
  • The value of good health and the great condition Milos is in relative to his age. [53:37]
  • A secret code you can use to get $200 off of a four-day camp in Australia or Bali. [54:53]
  • How to achieve any goal by envisioning greatness. [57:37]

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