CBD Facts with Rena Greenberg


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Rena Greenberg joins Elysia and Mara to talk the truth about CBD— how does it work? Do you know what you’re buying through all the misinformation about it? On her deathbed in her 20s, unsolved issue if you ask the doctors, she essentially rescued her own life through nutrition. Her company Rena’s Organics specializes in high potency, organic CBD from the most reliably regulated farms in Colorado to create her supplement line that FRANKLY shouldn’t even be in the supplements category. They are not supplements per se, rather a healthy choice to boost your health regardless of goals with a full explanation as to what it actually does in your body. Potency is labelled and you know exactly what is in each product— do you know what your current “hemp” or “cbd” products are actually made of? On top of this, Easy Willpower focuses on hypnosis and changing the mindset around healthy eating, reward systems, and addiction.

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