8 Glasses a Day Is Not The Way With Dr Dana Cohen


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Dr Dana Cohen joins Mara and Elysia this week to talk optimal hydration, new science, with a full how-to tell all in her book co-written with Gina Bria entitled Quench. 8 glasses a day is not only impractical for all shapes, sizes, activity levels, and conditions; it’s also OLD NEWS. Tune in to hear what we’ve been missing this whole time— like how water has a fourth state outside of liquid, gas, and solid. Yep, you heard right— GEL water. Learn how to optimize your nutrition through food, the micro movements needed to pump that hydration through your fascia (entire body seriously) to hold that water in your severely dehydrated cells to improve skin, cognitive function, chronic disease and aid in fat loss, stamina, and overall well being. This is a can’t miss episode folks! Let us know what you think or what you’d like to learn more about at majormusclespasms@gmail.com :)

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