Speed Up By Slowing Down with BFR Training


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Mara and Elysia record for their last time together IN STUDIO...(but will continue cross continent recording, 2021 technology am I right?!?) And they go out with a banger, talking about BFR Training! BFR training is an exercise technique that manipulates the body’s circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light-weights, and in a very short period of time. It also aids in recovery and gives a nice little nudge to the pituitary gland to bang out all those good energy and anti-aging hormones! Download, share and tune in to this very informative episode and wish Elysia well in her Florida pursuits! Making big changes can be hard, but can be easier with a little support from our frendz! Thanks for listening!!! SWOLL UP BABIES!

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