#8 - Diversifying Your Career and Your Programming, with Lori Schwartz Reichl


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Friend and colleague, Lori Schwartz Reichl, joins the show to talk about student and teacher engagement, the up-sides of teaching private lessons remotely, broadening her teaching career beyond the classroom, the Institute for Composer Diversity, and much more!

Show Notes:

-Lori’s website - Making Key Changes

-Zoom - Recording both sides of the conversation as two separate audio tracks


-Peloton App

-Joanna Stern - Laptop webcam showdown


-Lori’s YouTube Page

-Mirror Mirror on the Wall. . . Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All? | NAfME Blog | by Lori Schwartz Reichl

-A Personal and Professional Pivot - Make it Simple, Not Stressful | NAfME Blog | by Lori Schwartz Reichl

-Andrew Hitz

-Music Ed Tech Talk - #4 - The Most Validating Day of my Life, with Andrew Hitz

-Institute for Composer Diversity

-Regional Repertory Wind Ensemble

-Tyler Grant

- NAfME’s Music in a Minute Blog, Lori’s Appearances

An opportunity from Lori:

“I'm thrilled to join our co-founders of Women Banding Together”

(Virginia Allen, Laura Johnson, and Jenny L. Neff) as we host our inaugural panel discussion:

”Transitioning with Resilience“ - on Monday, May 18 at 3:00 pm ET via Zoom.

RSVP for Zoom details at here.

App of the Week:

Robby - LumaFusion

Lori - Acapella

Album of the Week:

Robby - Nate Smith: Light and Shadows

Lori Reichl - “One Voice”: A Holiday Presentation by The United States Army Field Band

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