MGT141: Musician? Make Money With An Online Course – Jordan Valeriote


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Jordan Valeriote is a music producer and engineer who started selling online courses around 3 years ago. Since then, he's generated over $1.5M with his courses, and now teaches other musicpreneurs how to do the same thing.

On this Music Growth Talks episode Jordan talks about the opportunity musicians have to supplement their income by teaching and selling their own online courses. He answered the questions you may have if you're new to the idea, such as the costs involved, how to find out what your followers want to learn, or how to combine your "artist" and "teacher" identities.

If you're considering to start your own course, you will hear a bunch of practical tips here as well: comparison of self-hosting and third-party solutions, how to sell your course before it's created, and a lot more.

Listen to the episode in full to also learn several examples of successful niches ("drumming for dads" FTW!) and the artists who have done this.

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