MGT146: New Revenue Opportunities for Artists in the Gaming Industry – Andres Lauer (Five Vectors)


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Andres Lauer is a former UMG exec who is now a co-founder of Five Vectors, alongside an esports/gaming expert Wasae Imran. They are building a technology that will enable independent artists and labels to engage with gaming communities in their native environment.

In this episode of Music Growth Talks, Andres shares how music impacts people’s identity in the social space like gaming and how they’re using that to market artists’ music. He then explains how Five Vectors is going to create a new music interaction layer for gamers, while presenting new revenue opportunities for independent artists.

Andres talks about the scale of the gaming industry, describes the importance of understanding gamers and what type of music they may be best responding to (it’s not only EDM!), and looks into the future of music.

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