MGT147: A Powerful One-Sheet for Booking Shows You Didn’t Know You Had – Vasja Veber (Viberate)


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Vasja Veber is a co-founder of Viberate, the biggest live music network designed to bring artists, promoters and fans together. It makes performing acts’ life easier by giving them a better version of an EPK, or even a traditional website. Viberate features over a million profiles of musicians, venues, events and festivals and employs over 100 people all over the world, with the majority in their offices located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In this episode of Music Growth Talks, Vasja shares how he launched the project with a fellow music manager Matej Gregorcic and a world-famous techno producer, UMEK, originally as a simple website that measured DJs’ social media metrics. Vasja shows what Viberate does today, how they keep artists’ profiles up-to-date, and reveals plans to make the platform the world’s biggest marketplace for underrepresented artists to be found by promoters.

Listen on in full for an in-depth explanation of how Viberate gets information on live events and how you can use the app to research venues to perform at.

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