#542-Deb Ryder-Sugar Ray Norcia-Bishop/Musselwhite-Shemekia Copeland


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DEB RYDER – COUCH KID NEWS Deb will join me to discuss her new single, Get Ready, which explores our current world. SUGAR RAY NORCIA I finally have the opportunity to sit with Sugar Ray and discuss his remarkable career and the music on his new album, Too Far From The Bar. ELVIN BISHOP/CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Both Elvin and Charlie have honored me by sitting on The Couch in the past. For tonight’s show, they join me together to discuss their new collaboration 100 Years Of Blues. SHEMEKIA COPELAND Another opportunity to bring a fabulous performer onto The Couch. This will be Shemeka’s first visit and we will look at her journey as we listen to cuts from the new album Uncivil War.

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