Boss Lady! How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of Corona Virus


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Boss Lady! How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirus - If you are looking for Boss Lady! How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirus, then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Boss Lady! How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirus
Boss Lady! How these 3 women create Cash Flow from home even in these times of Coronavirus
Join us as we talk to a local celebrity, a grandmother and a former Media salesperson about creating mailbox money even in these times of Corona virus restrictions.
If you have played the CashFlow101 game or heard Robert Kiyosaki talk, you know that he encourages you to start or get involved in a small business that eventually could replace your full time job income. Get out of the Rat Race!
He encourages you to use that extra money to invest and also says that the beauty is that you learn business skills with that small business so you can talk like an investor with investors.
Yes being an investor is a sales job. You are selling yourself, your ideas, that the seller should sell to you, etc...
And if you have read Cash Flow Quadrant then you know you want to get out of the E (employee) part of the quadrant to the S (self-employed) and eventually be fully on the I (investor) part of the quadrant.AND benefit from the tax breaks B business owners get that employees do not.
These 3 ladies are all at different stages of building their businesses from fairly new and successful to been there 15 years with awards. and who helps them?
How did they have a job 9-5 AND build the business and still have a life?
Come hear how they build a team, do the marketing, learn to run the financials of the business, stay motivated themselves,and lift other women towards their goals.
YES you will learn a lot from these 3 ladies sharing the good bad and the ugly.
This is not a late night program this is business women telling you the truth!
The structure will be 15 minute talk about their background, the business itself, how much money it took to get it started, how long it took to see cash flow, how much cash flow they have now, what were their mistakes and their wins, and what they would do over.
Martha Vasquez 15 years direct sales built it from nothing to a strong cash flow and then scaled back.
Vera Herlihy (Jimenez) is a television personality so has a busy life and strange work hours but loved her product so much she wanted to share with everyone and work towards financial freedom.
Janet Stone was able to leave her media job to be a representative for a clothing line that had a legendary women who started it out of her garage.
Take control of your financial life now because Corona Virus won't be the last life-changing event you will see in your lifetime...
Martha Vasques - PARTYLITE
(310) 567-0084
Vera Herlihy (Jimenez) - ARBONNE
(562) 248-6567
Janet Stone - CABI
(310) 283-6598

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