Investing in Short Term Rentals for Executives in Sacramento with Embert Madison Esq


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Embert Madison Eqr helps regular people do regular transactions of buying and selling homes in the Sacramento area, and area that is booming!
But... he also has a specialty business as an investor of Short Term Rentals for executives.
We will hear about investment opportunities in the Sacramento area, his specialty real estate investment strategy with Short Tern Rentals and his new business to make life easier for small business people.
Short term rentals instead of party houses or exotic vacation areas, he caters to executives who are in an area for work for a short time and do not want to sign a lease for 1 year.
Do they own and rent out or do a master ease? what are the pros and cons?
How does a busy attorney do that on top of his job? Does he have assistants , or independent contractors, etc. ie who is on the team?
How does he market to get his target audience?
Will this business model work elsewhere and is it scale-able and what about government interference right in the government of CA's backyard??
And if you missed the cannabis call you can bring your questions for him on that as well.
Learn about a new model for Short Term Rents and the status of real estate investments in Sacramento area.
Embert Madison Eqr
6801 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 210
Pleasanton, CA 94566
925-460-3370 | 925-224-7782

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