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Dr. Israetel earned his PhD in Sport Physiology at East Tennessee State University, where he also served as a strength coach and sport scientist to Division I Athletes. Mike’s educational background complements his experiences as a competitive powerlifter , grappler and bodybuilder. Michael is currently an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri, as well consulting nutritional and training for elite strength and combat athletes around the world. Mike is the author of The Renaissance Diet, is the head science consultant for Renaissance Periodization and writes frequently for Juggernaut Training Systems.

Part 1 - Evidence-Based Healthy Eating Principles

+ Hierarchy of nutrition factors that impact health and body composition. + The false idea that “restriction is bad”. + How to better communicate ideas to the general population without making them over-simplistic.

Part 2 - All you need to know about nutrient timing

+Protein dosing and timing and distribution + Muscle protein synthesis vs. muscle protein breakdown. Where is the sweet spot of protein frequency for optimal muscle growth? + Carb timing. What's bets - Morning? Carb back-load? Even distribution? PWO? + Fat timing and views on combining with carbohydrates?

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