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The next gene in our series of articles taking a closer look at those that make up the My DNA Coach reports is IL6R. This gene is closely related to IL6, which we discussed a in episode 95, as it encodes for Interleukin-6 receptor, which is what IL6 binds to – influencing the action of IL6 within the body. There are two different alleles associated with this single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP); the C allele and the A allele. Typically, those with at least one C allele tend to have higher levels of IL6R. This was shown in a 2004 study, whereby in a group of 70 subjects, those that were C allele carriers had significantly higher levels of IL6R. This is important because higher levels of IL6R within the blood tend to mean higher levels of IL6 too. For example, a 2007 study found that those with the CC genotype had almost 1.5 times higher levels of IL6 compared to AA genotypes, whilst AC genotypes had about 1.1 times higher levels.

IL6 Genotype

Effect on Recovery


Associated with lower levels of inflammation after hard training sessions, leading to a quicker recovery time.


Associated with a moderate level of inflammation after hard training sessions, which might require a longer rest period before the next training session.


Associated with higher levels of inflammation following exercise, and so might require longer rest periods between training sessions.

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