Why fake examples are killing your IELTS essay score


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Did you know that recent research at Cambridge University has shown that 100% of My IELTS Classroom students are satisfied with their course? I know - it surprised me too! What surprises me more, however, is that students continue to use fake examples in IELTS essays to "support" their ideas. I cannot express strongly enough how depressed this makes me feel. So, in today's episode, I want to present my case as to why inventing fake statistics is pointless at best, and damaging to your writing score at worst.
You can read more about today's episodes at: http://blog.myieltsclassroom.com/fake-examples-in-ielts-essays/
In this episode, we will discuss

  1. what fake examples are
  2. why they are never taught in reputable IELTS books
  3. how they are the OPPOSITE of what is expected of you at university
  4. how they can lead to arguments that are repetitive and lack progression
  5. why they add NOTHING even in a well-written paragraph

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