34. Why I love Jesus but can not stand His so called “followers.” - Part 1


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Show Notes:

In this podcast, Dr. Valdes gets heated up with what he considers the hypocrisy among those they called themselves Christians, Catholics, and Protestants alike. Dr. Valdes understands clearly why people who have no faith want nothing to do with Christianity, it's not Jesus anyone has a problem with Its Jesus’ “so-called followers.” Dr. Valdes received an email from a very dear friend of his, who also happens to be one of the most famous swim/triathlon coaches in the world, who has been an atheist all his life and through the many years they have known each other, this person has started to have faith. This disturbs Dr. Valdes so much that this episode is part 1 of a 2 Episode series. You see Dr. Valdes understands these people so clearly because he too was an atheist, and then had an encounter with Jesus and decided to become a Christian, but when he entered in organized religion the deception is so great that Dr. Valdes also DOES NOT want anything to do with organized religion. Jesus, he will follow unto death, but the harm so-called Christians do to those who are hopeless looking for meaning is enormous and somehow someone has to have the guts to fight this. Stay tuned, very shocking episodes.

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