Narcolepsy 360: Anna Leigh Marr


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Anna Leigh Marr is an actor, writer, voice-over artist and a person with Narcolepsy. In this episode, Anna shares her diagnosis journey whereupon it took 4 years to get properly diagnosed and all they while she completed her BA at Northwestern University. Claire and Anna discuss our culture’s glorification of the overworked/underslept lifestyle and how it might confuse those experiencing symptoms of narcolepsy.

Anna also shares her experience of being an actor and writer with a focus on comedy and improv while her cataplexy was slowly developing. Anna is determined to be an advocate for others with narcolepsy and spreading awareness through comedy that doesn’t perpetuate stereotypes or spread misinformation. Currently, she is developing a web series about a comedian trying to make in NYC while coming to terms with their narcolepsy and cataplexy. She is highlighting the funny and potentially awkward things that narcolepsy brings out in life.

Anna also is the co-founder of Bluelaces Theatre Co. which creates immersive, multi-sensory theatrical experiences specifically designed for audiences with autism and other developmental differences.

You can follow Anna at @marrzipanna on Instagram and Twitter. You can find out more about Bluelaces Theatre Co. at She recommends participating in the Project Sleep's Rising Voices of Narcolepsy program. She also recommends doing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) as part of your symptom management and find a behavioral sleep specialist in your area.

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