Narcolepsy 360: Belle Hutt


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Belle Hutt is a fitness instructor, influencer, author, advocate and a pwn.

In this episode, Belle shares her journey to being diagnosed with narcolepsy type 1. She also shares how she navigated her education while having narcolepsy and not feeling comfortable to disclose to her professors about it. Ultimately, she decided to get personal trainer certification.

Gradually Belle felt more confident sharing her reality of life with narcolepsy. She began a blog and talked about it along with fitness on her Instagram. She found that exercise GAVE her energy. Belle was featured in a BBC documentary about her narcolepsy and her online community blossomed. This year Belle published Energetic Narcoleptic, a book that shares her story, simple workout routines, easy nutritional meals and more all designed to help promote energy for people with narcolepsy and those without. On top of all of that, Belle continues to be a fitness instructor at a gym in Amsterdam and online with her Belle Hutt Live Community.

We are grateful for Belle’s advocacy and partnership, as she has participated in leading a session at our Narcolepsy Summer Camp and interview on fitness for Doing Life During COVID-19 mini-series.

You can follow Belle at @bellehutt on Instagram. You can check out her website ( and her blog ( To join her Belle Hutt Live Community, you can learn more @bellehuttlivecommunity on Instagram.

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