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Welcome to the new season of Narcolepsy 360! Claire Crisp is an author, advocate, Executive Director at Wake Up Narcolepsy and mother of a child living with narcolepsy. In this episode, Claire shares her journey on deciding to write a memoir about the process to get her daughter, Matilda, properly diagnosed with narcolepsy. She also shares that through writing the book, her passion and dedication to supporting and advocating for families who are navigating life narcolepsy grew. So much so that she took on the role of Executive Director at Wake Up Narcolepsy!

Claire also tells us some exciting things that are happening at Wake Up Narcolepsy and how you can get involved. You can follow Claire at @londonerinla on Instagram, @clairecrisp1 on Twitter, and @claireccrisp on Facebook. Be sure to check out Claire’s book and blog at If you are interested in any of the events, services, and support Wake Up Narcolepsy offers, please go to

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