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Dr. David Ingram is a pediatric sleep physician at Children’s Mercy Hospital. In addition to caring for children with sleep problems in clinic, he is the founding editor of the ATS Pediatric Sleep Case Series and is adjunct faculty in the department of psychology where he teaches a college Sleep & Dreams course.

In this episode, Dr. David Ingram shares when he first learned about sleep medicine and why he chose to become a sleep medicine clinician. Dr. Ingram also shares how he approaches his pediatric treatment of children with narcolepsy. Claire and Dr. Ingram discuss transitional care for CWNs, assessing driving readiness in adolescents with narcolepsy and current research he is conducting in collaboration with Wake Up Narcolepsy. Dr. Ingram shares what surprised him about his findings in the recent research study. Its purpose is to better define the delivery of comprehensive care for children with narcolepsy, with a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Dr. Ingram will be presenting “Care for the Child with Narcolepsy: A Survey of Families and Providers” at our upcoming WUN Narcolepsy Webinar on July 18, 2020. This WUN Education Day is free and can be attended from the comfort of your home! Click here to register for the webinar.

We are grateful to Dr. Ingram’s dedication to pediatric sleep medicine and his work to help expand the field's understanding of effective treatment for CWNs and their families.

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