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Erin Carey is a mother of five girls and two are CWN (children with narcolepsy). When Kyla started showing symptoms of narcolepsy Erin initially thought it was diabetes. When Kyla communicated she was falling asleep at school, Erin knew due to her sister’s own diagnosis of narcolepsy, that Kyla most likely had narcolepsy as well.

In this episode, Erin shares how once Kyla was properly diagnosed she knew that Kendall, Kyla’s younger sister, also had narcolepsy. Erin had her family get genetic testing to see if any of the other kids had the genetic marker. Kendall did and shortly after was diagnosed with narcolepsy.

As a mother two children with narcolepsy, Erin details how she works to allow her family to be able to do what they love. When it comes to medication, schedule and schooling Kyla and Kendall have differing plans, but the entire family has adapted to the Keto diet. Erin now is a keto coach and also started a non-profit FACES (Families and Children Experiencing Symptoms) of Narcolepsy.

You can follow Erin and learn more about FACES at and @FACESofNarcolepsy on Facebook. You can also learn more about keto on Keto with Erin Facebook Group

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