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Gina Dennis is a PWN (person with narcolepsy), but is also an FWN (family with narcolepsy), since her mother, son and ex-husband all have narcolepsy. In this episode, Gina shares the decades-long journey to be diagnosed with narcolepsy. She remembers having narcoleptic symptoms as early as 5 years old but wasn’t diagnosed until her thirties.

Once her son was diagnosed, she deep dived on the internet to help finds ways to mitigate his symptoms. In her research, she found adapting to a low-carb eating lifestyle could mitigate symptoms. Naturally, she experimented with herself first and convinced her family to try this eating habit as well. Gina, her mom and son all are keto and it has brought greater energy and outlook to them all.

Gina has since shared her findings with the narcoleptic community, became a Certified Health Coach, and launched a website called Madcap Narcolepsy. In her free time, she coaches others on holistic approaches and lifestyle changes to live a more wakeful life.

You can follow Gina @madcapnarcolepsy on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and @MadcapMiss on Twitter. Interested in learning more about Gina and her work? Go to Interested in learning more about Keto? Join her Madcap Keto for Narcolepsy Facebook Group.

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