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Henry Nicholls is a person with narcolepsy, an author and science journalist specializing in evolutionary biology, conservation, the history of biology and sleep. His most recent publication is SLEEPYHEAD: The Neuroscience of a Good Night's Rest.

In this episode, Henry shares about his own experience in getting his narcolepsy diagnosed and how he has been able to build a career through writing and journalism. He also details how in writing a book about sleep disorders, he was able to identify that he deals with multiple sleep disorders beyond narcolepsy, and also how this is common for people living with narcolepsy. He traveled all over the world interviewing sleep experts, clinicians, and researchers about sleep disorders-- in many ways, it was clarifying and illuminating to see the science behind disorders that affect him. So much so that he has been able to achieve better sleeping habits and get actually restful sleep!

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