Narcolepsy 360: Kelsey Biddle


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Kelsey Biddle is a PWN (person with narcolepsy) that was diagnosed, just over a year ago, with Type 1 Narcolepsy. In this episode, Kelsey shares the unique journey of being diagnosed within six weeks of the onset of symptoms.

Kelsey has taken this past year to fully transition into her “new normal” by finding the right medications and creating a supportive schedule that allows her to do her job well as a clinical research coordinator in an Alzheimer’s research group in the Psychiatry & Neurology department at Brigham & Women’s hospital.

Kelsey shares with Claire how she has allowed herself to grieve since coming to terms with her narcolepsy, but also she hasn’t given up hope in becoming a doctor. Kelsey offers great advice on self-care and how she schedules her days to promote wakefulness. Oh, and Kelsey is currently training for the Boston Marathon! Kelsey is part of Wake Up Narcolepsy’s 2019 Team for the Boston Marathon and is working to raise $50,000 for narcolepsy research.

You can follow Kelsey at @biddlekd on Instagram and Facebook. You can also follow her @kbiddle616 on Twitter. If you are interested in Kelsey’s “coming out” story click here. You can also support her in her marathon training by donating here.

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