Narcolepy 360: Thaddeus Bath


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Thaddeus Bath is a person with narcolepsy and is part of Wake Up Narcolepsy’s 2020 #TeamWUN for the Boston Marathon.

In this episode, Thaddeus shares how he was diagnosed with narcolepsy Type 2 in 2016. He discusses how sobriety helped realize that there was something bigger happening with his sleep issues. He also shares how fitness is an active passion of his. He is training for his black belt in Taekwondo, regularly goes to the gym to lift AND He runs...not just 5ks but half marathons, marathons and ULTRA marathons (100 miles long).

Thaddeus is currently part of the 2020 #TeamWUN for the Boston Marathon. Together they are training and working to raise $50,000 for narcolepsy research. Although a marathon is hardly a big feat for him anymore, it is an honor for him to participate in the Boston Marathon through spreading narcolepsy awareness and raising funds for narcolepsy research.

Since recording this interview, COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives. The Boston Marathon is currently postponed until September 14th.. #TeamWUN is still proactively raising funds for narcolepsy research. You can support their fundraising effort here.

You can follow Thaddeus at @thaddeus_bath on Instagram and @thaddeusbath on Facebook.

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