Ep. 113: A Protest Movement to End Homelessness – Rebecca Parson, Tacoma Housing Now


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Even if you aren’t from Tacoma, homelessness is likely an issue in your community. Tacoma Housing Now is a recently created community coalition committed to engaging in direct action protests in order to pressure local policymakers into taking meaningful action to house people in Tacoma. I think this point is worth emphasizing–they are by design a protest group.

The organization was created this winter in response to perceived inaction by City of Tacoma and Pierce County officials. Among their demands are the leveraging of vacant government properties to house people experiencing homelessness.

Parson, a former candidate for the 6th Congressional District, is a spokesperson for the organization. This interview was conducted right before Christmas, before the group’s direct action protest at the Travelodge in Fife, WA, which she briefly mentions in the conversation.

In segment two, we broadly discussed the landscape for progressive activism under the incoming Biden Administration.

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