Ep. 116: Nerd Crossing: WTF Tacoma! Who’s in Charge Here? (January 24, 2021)


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Sometime around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan 23, 2021, a crowd gathered at 9th and Pacific in Downtown Tacoma, watching one or more cars spin and burn circles in the intersection. A Tacoma Police Department SUV arrived on scene, and when the crowd gathered around the vehicle, the driver revved the engine and drove into the crowd, running over at least one person. Videos immediately hit social media.

What happened here? What does this tell us about the Tacoma Police Department? What does this tell us about Tacoma’s government and city leadership?

And what do we, as residents, need to demand now?

This joint Nerd Farmer/Crossing Division (Nerd Crossing) episode features hosts Nate Bowling and Evelyn Lopez, joined by attorney Shannon McMinimee, discussing the events of January 23 and a shocking failure of leadership in the aftermath. We have a right to something better that this in our city, and it’s time to demand changes.

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Also: We said that no one from the city’s leadership had commented, but there is a comment now from City Councilmember Chris Beale per TNT reporter Allison Needles.

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