The Astro Boy Popsicles


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High off of great cake, we are back once again guys with The Nerd Plate!!! Special thanks to Erin at Yes, I Bake for the delicious Mario Kart Cake as Leroy Ketchum and Rockman3K3 are LIVE and HYPED!!! DC co-publisher leaves after 18 years, Sakurai tells Smash fans to chill because there are not many Smash Games left, Gamestop is in trouble again to no one's surprise, and Loot Boxes are still bad? Rockman3K3 wants to know, is his music still good? Get ready for all of the hot takes off of that GREAT Mario Kart Cake, IT'S THE NERD PLATE!!! Thank you #Yes, I Bake, the official Cake Maker for The Nerd Plate Family!!!

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