Metapod-cast Feat Andrew from A Couple of NPCs (Monster Hunter Trailer, PS5 UI and Chat, NBA 2K21 has un-skippable ads, Marvel's Avengers DLC delayed, Nintendo sues Tik Tok Star)


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News to Reviews is a video game news and impressions podcast. Each week Zac and Lisxterhhyne sit down to discuss the most interesting stories in gaming and impressions on the latests games. Forget your troubles listening to a couple of friends talking about what they love most! New episode every Monday or Tuesday.

***This week special guest Andrew from A Couple of NPCs***


Monster Hunter Trailer Thoughts- 00:00

PS5 UI and PS4 recording and chat issues- 11:00

NBA 2k21 has un-skippable in game ads added after lauch- 21:00

Marvel’s Avengers DLC delayed while player base is dwindling- 30:15

Nintendo sues Tik Tok star- 39:10

Cat added to Miles Morales- 43:40

PS5 is big because of the fan- 45:55

Mass Effect Legendary edition rated in Korea- 46:20

Oculus Quest 2 locking out some users- 47:35

Phil Spencer on Zenimax acquisition- 51:01


Smash Bros chat- 58:42

Fall Guys Season 2- 1:00:40

Among Us- 1:06:08

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