79 - Streaming Services Part 1 - Let me borrow a password


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This episode is Part 1 of a 2 part discussion.

This Week Josh ,Clay, Kyle, and Daniel discuss our favorite Streaming Services

We hope everyone stays Safe and Healthy. Please WEAR A MASK & WASH YOUR HANDS!

Previously on Next Issue [1:00 - 34:00]

Comics Mentioned:

  • Undiscovered Country, Vol. 1: Destiny -

  • Harley Quinn, BLACK WHITE & RED

  • Justice League, Volume 5: The Doom War

  • D&D Days of Endless Adventure

  • The Spirit Jam by Will Eisner and 50 artists

  • 7 Deadly Sins

  • From the Bottom Drawer of

  • The DC Universe by John Byrne

The Movie Palm Springs on HULU briefly discussed, Non Spoilers talk

Main Topic [34:00 - End of Part 1]

We discuss our favorite Streaming services.

In this part we chat about:

  • DC Universe

  • HBO Max
  • Netflix
  • HULU
  • Apple TV


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