The Coronavirus & eCommerce - On The Ground In China, How Long Until Amazon Sellers & Shopify Stores Can Get Back To Normal? - Brian Miller


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#027 - What's it like living in China with the coronavirus lockdown? How has COVID-19 actually affected the people and the factories that eCommerce businesses around the world depend on?
Guest Brian Miller runs an eCommerce fulfillment company in Shenzhen, China. He describes the ramp up, and what it's like living in full lockdown. Spoiler, not fun.
Brian has an inside view on manufacturing in China. His company warehouses and ships orders for Amazon sellers, Shopify stores, and all types of eCommerce companies.
He shares why factories might not be telling the whole truth about their status. And he gives his best estimate on when production might get back to normal. A must listen for FBA sellers, Shopify sellers, Kickstarters, or anyone with a physical product based business.
Listen to find out what it's like living with the coronavirus.
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