78: Where Have All The Cow Parts Gone? With Filmmaker Chris Cantwell


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This week, the hosts welcome Chris Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire) to chat about his new film, The Parts You Lose, as well as blenders and JFK conspiracy theories. Plus: the Ukrainian news you might have missed about an adoption with a twist, and a strange mystery involving mutilated cows in Oregon.


1. The couple who adopted a Ukrainian child who was actually an adult

2. Ukrainian President Zelensky's past as a comedian

3. Ken Burns' Country Music

4. Gene Autry's Flying A estate

5. Oregon Cow mystery

6. Trailer for The Parts You Lose

7. The Mask comic book series

8. Hale Boggs

9. Linda O'Leary's boat incident:

10. Badge Man

11. George de Mohrenschildt

12. Elizabeth Cantwell's book All The Emergency-Type Structures

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