81: The Last Splash with Karina Longworth


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Molly, Tess and Emily embrace the many-sexed indeterminately specied newly discovered blob creature of our dreams. Then we talk about how scientists implanted birds with false memories (chill!) and devices spying on podcasts you listen to and serving you Swedish fish ads. Then we are joined by special guest Karina Longworth, who tells us about the new season of her podcast You Must Remember This, focused on Disney’s Song Of The South. Why did Disneyland build a whole ride about a racist cartoon they scrubbed from existence? Why did Bob Iger call it the one thing you’ll never find on Disney Plus? Did humans truly land on the moon? And will we ever live on an exoplanet? Find out on a Night Call to remember.


  1. The Blob
  2. twitter thread about the 720 sexes
  3. Ribbon worms
  4. Scientists implant memories into bird brains
  5. We won't live on an exoplanet
  6. Does Ring share information with police?
  7. Jitterbug phone
  8. Pokemon Go tracking you
  9. You Must Remember This
  10. YMRT Patreon
  11. Disneyland death
  12. Night Call Patreon
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