Episode 341: Being more Present Changed my Life


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When I began to understand the power of presence, it changed so much of how I experienced my life on a daily basis. I saw more joy, I created more opportunities and I was grateful for it all even the hard stuff.

Being where my feet are at reminds me that everything is just a moment in time, I get to choose what happens next and that I am right where I need to be whether I like it or not.

I appreciate the journey so much more. I am living more fully and I am cultivating relationships and experiences that I wouldn't have before.

I still have big goals and plans for the future but I am focused on creating them in the here and now and enjoying every step of the journey.

Listen in to find out how being more present could change how you live your life too.

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  • So many readers are saying that my book, When the Meaning is Lost, has helped them to find meaning again after loss and hard life experiences like divorce, health crises and major life changes. If you need some hope, a way to create meaning again and to feel seen and supported, check it out!
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