What is Thin Privilege?


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#BlackLivesMatter We begin this episode by discussing the #BlackLivesMatter protests in the US and Canada. We are in solidarity with Black folks around the world who are seeking fundamental human rights including the right to live with equality, in peace, absolved from the established systems of racial discrimination which lead to murder. Here are the accounts of Black RDs, educators, activists and entrepreneurs that we invite you to follow:


We invite you to make donations to bail funds constantly being set up. Seek out resources and learn about how to be anti-racist. The following link is a resource for Canadian #BlackLivesMatter efforts. It gives info on marches, politicians to call, and sample letters to send.

This week’s episode is all about thin privilege! Oh yes, hun, you better believe it exists! It’s real and we are not only talking about it, but recognizing that we ourselves have it. “Straight-size” (listen to hear the definition!) people have many privileges in their lives even if they are not actively perpetuating weight stigma. Our society is unfortunately filled with systemic obstacles that discriminate against people for many things including body size. Hannah gives definitions & examples that centre our conversation while Tareq turns to the literature on body weight discrimination in the workplace. Did you know that fat people are less likely to be called in for job interviews, irrespective of qualifications? We finish our talk by discussing how we can be allies rather than feel defeated. BS of the Week: Myths about Soy!


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