Policing the Police, Freeing the Speech, and where to go from here


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Riffing on Obama’s piece on how to make this moment the turning point for real change (revolution is not a one time event), police reform (18,000 law-enforcement agencies, only 65 federal, this will take serious organization), people creating their own reality, the UK extends a hand to Hong Kong in beautiful show of support, in defence of the New York Times for publishing op-ed from senator calling for troops (we should know what our legislators are thinking), Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram removing Trump campaign video (DMCA takedown, but I’m leery of private companies interfering in speech from elected officials).

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Links: • Barack Obama: How to make this a moment for real changeAnguish and Action How to fix American policing UK in Support of Hong Kong Tom Cotton: Send in the TroopsTwitter, Facebook, Instagram remove Trump campaign video Original Facebook video of George Flyod being killed

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