The No Jumper Show Ep. 26


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0:23 - Comparing "Joe" from "You" to Yuriy 1:37 - Has Yuriy ever killed an Animal 2:23 - Yuriy's village in Russia 2:50 - Adam22's experience in Russia 3:53 - Adam22's experience using Chinese bathrooms 7:00 - Adam22 learning about soft water 8:45 - Talking to people about common interests 10:00 - Lil Housephone's perc Hoody 13:18 - No Jumpers new merch collab with Desto Dubb 14:30 - Franalations joins the show for the first time 15:40 - Where is Cam Girl 17:03 - Adam22 learning how to play Rust 19:44 - Big changes coming to the No Jumper Youtube channel 24:50 - Adam22 recently interviewing OG Maco and 40 Glock 27:33 - Cardi B's grammar 28:37 - Why is there no Fashionova for curvy men 30:15 - Franalations on how he got into fashion and collecting 31:35 - Franalations on getting scammed on the internet 33:55 - Has Adam22 ever been scammed buying fake cloths? 35:58 - Girl from No Jumper comments looking for Yuriy 40:00 - Franalations attitude towards life and relationships right now 40:50 - Sports illustrated trying to get Public Enemy on the cover wearing bathing suits 47:40 - Why did Lil Housephone bring Franalations to show 50:20 - Adam22's experience at Disney Land 55:55 - What's the corniest thing supreme ever made? 58:25 - Housephone and Adam22 teaching Yuriy about Neiman and Marcus 1:00:46 - Franalations going viral around the time 69 went viral 1:02:08 - Needing to change your dressing style with age 1:12:09 - How mad would Yuriy be in Lil Housephone cucked him 1:14:26 - Dying in the pussy 1:18:20 - Girls carelessly twerking and stripping on other people's Instagram Live stream 1:19:55 - Adam22 witnessing a kid get knocked out cold 1:27:29 - Yung Joc called out for driving for a ride sharing rap 1:31:21 - Fake video Kanye falling off horse 1:32:30 - Boogie2988 Bites his dog 1:34:20 - Bhad Bhabie leaves social media for a mental break 1:35:36 - Patrick CC joins the stream 1:38:05 - Patrick CC's videos of him paying rappers on cameo 1:39:25 - Why Adam22 left Cameo 1:40:23 - Trick Daddy arrested for cocaine possession 1:40:47 - Akademiks posting about 645ar 1:41:40 - Justing Bieber asking his fans to listen to his song while they sleep 1:44:20 - Lil Housephone's opinion on the 40Glock vs The Game fight video 1:46:55 - Is the "Ee Er" sound effect from the Roddy Rich song annoying #NoJumper #Live FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD:

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