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Welcome back, we're live tonight with a new show featuring a bit of Patti Smith's seminal Horses, which is 45 years old today — and really the only good reason to think about the number 45 at all at this particular juncture.

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  1. I'm So Tired by The Beatles on The Beatles (White Album) (Universal)
  2. 2 + 2 = 5 by Radiohead on Hail to the Thief (XL)

    Oh for the simpler days of George W Bush's election in 2000… That spine-tingling guitar at 1'20", though.

  3. Brainfreeze by Fuck Buttons on Slow Focus (ATP)
  4. Rose of Sharon by Topographies on Ideal Form (Funeral Party) 🆕
  5. Interstellar Love (feat. Leon Bridges) by The Avalanches on We Will Always Love You (Modular Recordings) 🆕
  6. Bureau de Fatigue by Laundromat on Green EP (Brace Yourself) 🆕
  7. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo by Patti Smith on Horses (Arista) ⭐️
  8. White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground on White Light/White Heat (Universal)
  9. Are You Fucking Your Ex by Eels on Earth to Dora (PIAS) 🆕
  10. Dry Fantasy by Mogwai on As The Love Continues (Temporary Residence) 🆕
  11. Born Dead by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City)
  12. To The Moon Please by Video Dave & Smoke Bonito on Hella Personal Film Festival 2 (3rdEyelander) 🆕
  13. Stateside (feat. Akurei) by Golden Vessel on Colt (Sumoclic Pty)
  14. Land: Horses / Land Of A Thousand Dances / La Mer (De) by Patti Smith on Horses (Arista) ⭐️
  15. Beautiful Feeling by PJ Harvey on The Peel Sessions 1991–2004 (Universal)
  16. Ivory by Gotts Street Park on Ivory (Blue Flowers) 🆕
  17. Favourite Kind of Girl by Gotts Street Park on Ivory (Blue Flowers) 🆕
  18. After the Fall by Zero 7 on Shadows EP (feat. Lou Stone) (Make)
  19. Orange Glow (Nathan Fake Remix) by Sophie Hutchings (Universal)
  20. A House by Doves on Lost Souls (Heavenly)
  21. Theme for the Lockdown by Far Out Radio Systems on On Boolean Plaines (Something Happening Somewhere)
  22. Tangente by Pole on Fading (Mute)

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