PODCAST #237: Are You UNComfy? GOOD!


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Welcome back to the weekly podcast No More Excuses! Thank you for listening and sharing and recommending this podcast to others!

Last week's podcast was about doing things differently, changing up your habits / routine to see what's out there. To see what you notice, perhaps have been missing. Doing things differently, and changing up your routine can be a little UNcomfortable, but is so necessary.

Last week I wanted you to get uncomfortable to help you avoid getting bored or frustrated and potentially quit and allow old habits to sneak back in.

Trust me, over the years I've heard I've heard all the excuses, blame and bullshit about why he or she gave up on a habit, or the opposite, wouldn't change things up!

HABITS = RESULTS. Good and Bad.

Listen in this week as I talk more about how habits affect us, and how to identify whether it's a good – or bad – habit.

Watch social media this week as I continue this theme with questions, challenges and articles on habits and the bipolar attributes of them!

Have a BADASS week! I look forward to hearing from you!



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