18: Home/Garage Gyms and how to build them


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The boys chat about building a garage gym and their experiences. 00:00 Justin cant stop eating! 00:45 We cant remember our own intro. 02:45 Nationalisation news to use or lose or choose. 13:50 "I got some very boring CrossFit news" - M.Bowerman 15:30 Mayhem Classic results roundup. 19:40 Main topic - Garage gym building. 21:25 The most important thing to think about. 24:45 Get your measuring tape out. 31:30 Check the headroom in your garage. 32:45 The best basic equipment to start with. 35:45 Steel versus bumper plates. 42:00 Out of the box equipment. 42:30 Are dumbbells a good investment? 44:30 The best cardio equipment (if you had to choose one). 46:25 Oops, Justin has better things to do again, as usual. 47:20 Top tips. Top stories. 49:50 What is Herd? 52:15 Go to www.herdsa.co.za and use NOREX10. 53:30 Listener (Eric) feedback. 54:30 Quote of the day. 55:00 Byeeeeeeeeee. Music: "TENNESEE HAYRIDE" by Jason ShawFrom the Free Music ArchiveCC BY (Email Sign Up: https://gmail.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=189dd9f1317a5bd0476d6096b&id=1e968818e7)

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