Ep 9. COVID-19 and Diet Culture: Discerning Wisdom from Wellness Wankery in Uncertain Times


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With great uncertainty comes fear and uprooted trauma. COVID-19 has seen an amplification of weight stigma, wellness wankery, and conspiracy theories that have the potential to magnify our stress and trauma. Here's what to look out for, as well as ways to ground, protect and nurture yourself and your loved ones at this uncertain time.
Show notes:

  • The 3 categories of BS “health advice” circulating in the age of COVID-19: The Seemingly Innocuous, The Social Media Misinformation Storm, and The Blatantly Fat Phobic
  • Privileged health advice
  • Is cutting out sugar the most important thing to consider right now? (Clue: No, it's not.)
  • Essential oils, colloidal silver, celery juice: should we be using these to "boost" immunity?
  • What I really think about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), and the ethics of downline recruitment and questionable advertising during a pandemic
  • Weight control during COVID VS. just surviving COVID
  • Higher BMI is NOT a risk factor for contracting COVID-19, and may even be a protective factor
  • Conspiracy theories, and the appeal of these to healers and lightworkers
  • What we really need to be focussing on right now
  • The ways we deal with stress and trauma, and how this manifests in our relationships with food, eating, our bodies and movement
  • How coronavirus is impacting me personally
  • Gentle ways we can support ourselves and others
  • Supplements and herbs can help support your immune health, but not having access to these is not the end of the world
  • Accessible nutrition counselling and yoga services I am currently offering during COVID-19

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